Data and Codes

Open-source implementations of algorithms and models developed by myself and close collaborators, as well as datasets used in various research projects.

My page on GitHub:

Julia implementation of RISE, logRISE and RPLE algorithms for the inverse Ising problem
M. Vuffray, S. Misra, A.Y. Lokhov, M. Chertkov, «Interaction screening: efficient and sample-optimal learning of Ising models», NIPS (2016)
A.Y. Lokhov, M. Vuffray, S. Misra, M. Chertkov, «Optimal structure and parameter learning of Ising models», Sci. Adv. (2018)

Julia implementation of Interaction Screening based algorithms for learning general graphical models [under construction]
M. Vuffray, S. Misra, A.Y. Lokhov, «Efficient learning of discrete graphical models», arXiv (2019)

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