Recordings of some recent talks

Jul 2020    Talk: Learning Discrete Graphical Models with Neural Networks
                       ICTP online conference “Youth in High-dimensions”, Trieste, Italy [video]

Feb 2019    Talk: Learning of discrete graphical models
                      KITP program “The Rough High-Dimensional Landscape Problem'”, Santa Barbara [video]

Feb 2019    Talk: Uncovering the behavior of quantum annealers with statistical learning
                       KITP conference “At the Crossroad of Physics and Machine Learning'”, Santa Barbara [video]

Mar 2017   Talk: Reconstruction of the power grid dynamic model from sparse measurements
                       BIRS workshop “Optimization and Inference for Physical Flows on Networks”,  Banff, Canada [video, slides]

Jan 2017    Talk: Optimal structure and parameter learning of Ising models and calibration of the D-Wave quantum computer
                       AI seminar at Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, Los Angeles [video, slides]

Jan 2017    Talk: Influence maximization and model reconstruction in spreading processes with dynamic message passing
                       Department of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles [slides]

Dec 2016    Poster: Reconstructing parameters of spreading models from partial observations
                       NIPS 2016, Barcelona, Spain [spotlight video, poster]

Aug 2016   Talk: Detection of cyber-physical faults and intrusions from physical correlations
                       KDD 2016 workshop on Outlier Definition, Detection, and Description on Demand, San Francisco [videoslides]

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