Open positions

I am searching for bright postdocs and students interested in machine learning algorithms for physics-rich problems.
Please contact me directly at to inquire about available positions below:

  • Postdoc position at Advanced Network Science Initiative (ANSI).
    Starting date: anytime
    Duration: 2 years with a possible extension to the third year
  • Internships for graduate and undergraduate students.
    Starting date: anytime (usually summer)
    Duration: typically several months
  • “Cyber toaster” summer school:
    Apply before December 13, 2o19
    Starting date: June 2, 2020
    Duration: 10 weeks
    Focus: learning critical infrastructure structure in the presence of adversaries and data corruption
  • “Quantum Computing” summer school for graduate students:
    Apply before January 17, 2020.
    Starting date: June 8, 2020
    Duration: 10 weeks
    Focus: quantum tomography algorithms for gate models (with applications to IBM QX) or inverse problems in adiabatic quantum computing (on D-Wave 2000Q)

Selected topics

  • Algorithms for learning graphical models and neural networks
  • Dynamic message-passing algorithms for inference, learning and optimization in spreading processes on networks
  • Reconstruction of continuous Hamiltonians with applications in fluid dynamics and machine learning
  • Statistical learning for cyber-physical systems, power grid and oscillator networks
  • Inverse problems in quantum annealing, quantum tomography

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