I am an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), where I work at the Institute for Theoretical Physics and at the Informatics Institute as a member of the Computational Soft Matter Lab and of the Computational Science Lab.

My research lies at the intersection of statistical physics, information theory and computer science, and focuses on the development of new theoretical methods to study complex systems. My research is both theoretical and numerical. I also collaborate with experimentalists in neuroscience and in biology.

Github profile: here

Open position

    PhD position at the interface of statistical physics, information theory and computer science

    4 years, starting in the fall of 2021

    Selection will start July 31 and continue until the position is filled
    For further details and the application form, please follow the link here.

Research focus

    One of the current main focuses of the group is on the development of new tools to uncover and model high order patterns of data.

    Highlight: Check our latest paper on the use of Minimally Complex spin Models (MCM) to identify and model groups of highly correlated variables in binary data: here.
    The procedure performs exact Bayesian model selection and takes into account all possible high order patterns of data (3-body correlations, 4-body correlations, etc.) in the detection of these « communities » of variables. The use of Minimally Complex Models provides robust predictions on dependencies between variables.

    Codes: You can find our codes that performs this « community detection » for binary data on Github:
    MinCompSpin performs an exhaustive search and works best for systems with a small number of variables (<= 15).
    MinCompSpin_Greedy performs a greedy search and works best for systems with a large number of variables (>15).



Past appointments


Contact information 

Email:     c.m.c.demulatier (at) uva.nl

Address:     Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam

Office:     C4.106

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