The arrival date: Monday, August 11; departure date: Saturday, August 23.

ECRYS-2014 will continue the series of tri-annual conferences ECRYS on Electronic Crystals, which have been organized since 1993 in France.

The event will be held by the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corse, France (http://www.iesc.univ-corse.fr).

As the cross-community meeting in the format of the international research school, ECRYS 2014 will attract and initiate young researches as well as PhD students and Post-Docs and will promote exchange of information within our inter-disciplinary field. The lectures will be complemented by a high level scientific counterpart of the program.

To appreciate the character of our meetings, please visit the website of the previous event


Organizers                                                                                                 1 announcement here  

Serguei Brazovskii Orsay France
Martin Dressel Stuttgart Germany
Laszlo Forro Lausanne Switzerland
Natasha  Kirova Orsay France

International Advisory Board

Ardavan Arzhang Oxford UK
Bianconi Antonio Rome Italy
Beljakovic Katica Zagreb Croatia
Borisenko Sergey Dresden Germany
Chaikin Paul New York USA
Claessen Ralf Würzburg Germany
Degiorgi Leo Zurich CH
Latyshev Yuri Moscow Russia
Littlewood Peter Chicago USA
Mihailovic Dragan Ljubljana Slovenia
Monceau Pierre Grenoble France
Nogami Yoshio Okayama Japan
Okamoto Hiroshi Tokyo Japan
Pouget Jean-Paul Orsay France
Tranquada John Upton USA
Yakovenko Victor College Park USA
Zaitsev-Zotov Serguei Moscow Russia


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