Oral Presentations

Aeppli G. Controlled quantum states of isolated and interacting defects in silicon
Arakcheeva A. 1D host-guest composite structure of BaVS3 1D correlate electron system at the 70-295 K temperature range
Aseev P. Spin injection from topological insulator tunnel-coupled to metallic leads
Barisic O. High-energy anomalies in covalent high-Tc cuprates with large Hubbard Ud on copper
Bechinger C. Tribology of colloidal systems
Blackburn E. Charge Density Waves in High Temperature Superconductors
Bonasic-Losic Z. Spectral properties of Dirac electron system
Brazovskii S. CDW in the Hall bar at high magnetic fields
Brown S. Superconductivity beyond the paramagnetic limit in organic conductors
Brun C. Charge-density waves studied at the surface and at the local scale
Buzdin A. Revealing the FFLO phase by the in-plane critical field anisotropy in layered superconductors
Carbone F. Direct-space dynamical observation of charge and spin patterns with electron scattering techniques
Chattopadhyay Thermodynamic and neutron diffraction studies on multiferroic NdMn2O5.
Claessen R. Metal adatom structures on semiconductor surfaces: model systems for low-dimensional quantum matter
Degiorgi L. Hysteretic behavior in the optical response of the underdoped Fe-arsenide Ba(Fe 1−x Cox)2As2 in the electronic nematic phase
Dominko D. Fingerprints of hopping conductivity in disordered charge density wave systems
Dressel M. Pressure dependent optical properties of correlated pi-electron systems
Drewsen M. Ion Coulomb Crystals
Fratini S. Wigner-Mott transition, frustration and glassyness in layered triangular lattices
Gerasimenko Y. What spin-density wave is like in the vicinity of superconductor in (TMTSF)2ClO4?
Giamarchi T. Can cold atoms solve all problems of condensed matter?
Gorlova I. Magnetotransport and power-law I-V curves of the layered quasi one-dimensional compound TiS3
Grigoriev P. New scattering mechanism of electrons in the partial density wave state in magnetic field
Hayashi M. Time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation for charge density waves and its application to sliding phenomena
Ilakovac V. Role of sulfur in BaVS3 probed by S K edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Inoue I. Feasible Mott FET: concept, obstacles, and future.
Ishihara S. Electronic ferroelectricity in dimer-type organic crystals
Jacques V. Charge and spin density wave observed through their spatial fluctuations by simultaneous and coherent X-ray diffraction
Kaddour W. Coexistence of metallicity and charge density wave in the quasi-1D ORGANIC conductors TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2 and TTF[Pd(dmit)2]2
Kagawa F. Charge-cluster glass in organic conductors with triangular lattice
Kaiser S. Transient superconductivity in optically modulated YBa2Cu3O6+X
Kanoda K. Charge-lattice-coupled quantum criticality and the decoupling in neutral-ionic transition
Kapitulnik A. Time reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional superconductors
Katono K. Charge disproportionation in a-(BEDT-TTF)2X
Kirova N. Local phase transformations induced by optical pumping : applications to neutral-ionic transitions.
Laulhé C. Study of femtosecond structural dynamics in the 2D charge density wave compound 1T-TaS2
Le Bolloch D. The role of dimensionality in quasi 2D sliding charge density waves probed by coherent X-ray diffraction
Lebed A. Quantum limit in a magnetic field for triplet superconductivity in a quasi-one-dimensional conductor
Littlewood P. Screening of charge and structural motifs
Matsuura T. Melted discommensuration of charge density waves
Mehlstaeubler T. Symmetry Breaking and Topological Defect Formation in Ion Coulomb Crystals.
Mertelj T. Spectrally-resolved femtosecond reflectivity relaxation dynamics in undoped SDW 122-structure iron based pnictides
Mihailovic D. Coherent trajectories through phase transitions in electronically ordered systems: topological defect dynamics and hidden states
Miller J. Normal and impaired charge transport in the mitochondrial electron transport chain
Monceau P. Charge modulation in two-dimensional compounds
Mukhametshin I. Na order and Co charge disproportionation in NaxCoO2
Mukhin S. Euclidean action of superconductor with “hidden order”
Murata K. Possible quantum Hall effect in magnetic-field-induced phase transition in the quasi-one-Dimensional CDW Organic Conductor HMTSF-TCNQ
Nafradi B. Interplay of spin charge and rotor dynamics of (EDT-TTF-CONH2)2BABCO
Nasretdinova V. Polarization dependence of the photoconduction spectra of o-TAS3
Nobukane H. Topological electromagnetic response in the chiral superconductors Sr2RuO4
Nomura K. Coexistance of charge order and antiferromagnetism in (TMTSF)2SbF6: NMR study
Nunez-Regueiro M. Quantum fluctuations and superconductivity in density waves systems
Okamoto H. New aspects of photoinduced phase transitions in correletaed electron materials
Park Y.-W. The zero magneto resistance of MoS2 at high electric field
Pasquier C. Competition charge density wave/superconductivity in the TTF[M(DMIT)2] (M=NI,PD) organic conductors
Pokrovskii V. Self-detection of mechanical oscillations of charge-density wave conductors
Popovic D. Magnetic-field-driven superconductor-insulator transition in underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4
Pouget J.-P. Interplay between structural and electronic properties in quarter-filled low dimensional organic conductors
Radic D. Charge stripes due to pseudomagnetic fields in graphene sheets of CaC6 intercalated compound
Radzihovsky L. Fluctuations, stability, and phase transitions of Larkin-Ovchinnikov states: quantum liquid crystals
Ralko A. Charge and spin competition of interacting electrons on the 1/3-filled Kagome
Ramazashvili R. Diagnosting a strong topological insulator by quantum oscillations
Reznik D. Direct observation of dynamic charge stripes in La2-xSrxNiO4
Rojo-Bravo A. Transverse current reconstruction by dislocations of a junction for a mixed system of an incommensurate charge density wave and normal carriers
Shikin V. Instability and periodic reconstruction of the charged vapor-liquid interface
Sinchenko A. Anisotropy of conductivity in rare-earth tritellurides in the static and sliding states of the CDW
Soh Y.-A. Phase information of the strain wave in chromium thin films
Tanda S. Universality of helicity and Chern-Simon structure
Tomic S. What is the origin of anomalous dielectric response in the spin liquid organic system kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3: an in-depth study of anisotropic charge dynamics
Tranquada J. Intertwined orders in high temperature superconductors
V. Yakovenko V. Possible spiral structure in the pseudogap phase of cuprates
Velebit C. Imprints of nanostructured and Mott phase in optical phonons and continua of 1T-TaS2
Wolf M. Time-resolved spectroscopy and ultrafast dynamics of the electronic structure of photoexcited solids
Ye J. Two-dimenional electronics based on ion-gated nanosheets
Yeom H.-W. Direct observation of solitons and chiral solitons
Zaitsev-Zotov S. Charge density waves physics revealed by photoconduction


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