Sessions will start in the morning Tuesday, August 22 and end in the afternoon, Friday, September 1st.

Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, August 21 and leave Cargèse on Saturday, September 2.

Transfer from Ajaccio Airport to Institute of Cargèse and conversely requires about 1h00 depending on traffic.

Arrival: 21/08/2017  and 27/08/2017 :
the bus will be organized from Ajaccio airport, its departure will be scheduled after the flight arrival at 14:30 (AF 4502), Ajaccio Airport .

People arriving at different times/days are supposed to take care by their own of the connection from Ajaccio to Cargese. Cost of taxi is around EU 100 one way (EU 150 at nights), few public buses are available, see
The institute will try to help any specific case, but at this stage we cannot make definitive commitments.

The average price for the taxi ride is around 150€.


26/08/2017,  27/08/2017 and 01/09/2017 : the departure from Institute of Cargèse to Ajaccio Airport will be scheduled upon the request

02/09/2017: the last bus departure will be scheduled between 9:30 – 10:00 in the morning.

If you would like to leave later, please take care on your own by taxi or public bus. The Cargese Institute can help you in reserveng taxi.

It is not possible to stay at the institute and village rooms  September 2 after 10:00 in the morning .

Please make sure your flights schedule will match the period time above mentioned.

Public bus schedule between Ajaccio and Cargese is here

Coming without the buses

The easiest way to reach Cargèse is via Ajaccio. Other itineraries are possible but please be aware of paucity of public transportation in Corsica.

Driving through Corsica is scenic but can take a long time.

Average driving times from main towns/airports:

  • Ajaccio to Cargèse, 45 mn
  • Calvi to Cargèse, 2h30
  • Bastia to Cargèse, 3h30
  • Corte to Cargèse, 3h

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