PhD students

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List of members


Felix BENOIST (5-3177)

Renormalization group analysis of frustrated self-assembly

Saverio BOCINI (5-7337)

Systèmes inhomogènes hors d'équilibre

Benjamin DE BRUYNE (5-7987)[Site Web]

Non-equilibrium transport properties of active particles

Ana FLACK (5-7987)

Physique statistique de systèmes de particules en interactions à longue portée

Li GAN (5-4079)[Site Web]

The algebraic area of lattice walks

Lorenzo GOTTA (5-7335)

Pairing and topological phases in one dimensional quantum simulators

Lara KOEHLER (5-7029)

Modélisation de l'auto-assemblage frustré des protéines (et application à l'influence des pesticides sur les maladies neurodégénératives)

Federico LANZA (5-4083)

Pairing and topological phases in one dimensional quantum simulators

Hugo LE ROY (5-7736)

Emergence de fibre dans les systèmes auto-assemblés frustrés

Saptarshi MAJUMDAR (5-4079)

Localisation in open quantum systems


Random matrix theory and applications

Nadia MILAZZO  (5-4083)

Characterization of quantum processes and quantum states

Francesco MORI (5-7335)

Extreme Value Statistics in Stochastic Processes

Flavio NICOLETTI (5-4090)

Revisiting the O(m) Spin Glass at low temperature

Alexandre PRICOUPENKO (5-4080)

Beyond mean field effects in ultracold gases

Lorenzo ROSSO (5-7337)

Dissipative Ytterbium gases

Vincenzo SCHIMMENTI (5-4083)

Temporal and spatial correlations in earthquakes dynamics: physical modelling and data analysis

Lucas VARELA ALVAREZ (5-4080)

Systèmes coulombiens en une et deux dimensions, résultats exacts


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