14th March 2017 : Post-doctoral fellowship – Computational (Bio)Physics – University of Lisbon

A post-doctoral position will be available from May 2017 for a period of
24 months to work in simulations of protein folding and aggregation with
Patricia Faisca at the University of Lisbon.

Work will focus on an interdisciplinary project targeted at studying the
physical basis of dialysis related amyloidosis and will combine
theoretical predictions from molecular simulations with experimental
verification via AFM experiments (Mário Rodrigues). This project is part
of a long term collaboration between the group of Patrícia Faísca
(Department of Physics and BioISI Institute, University of Lisbon,
PORTUGAL) and the group of Eugene Shakhnovich (Department of Chemistry
and Chemical Biology, Harvard University).
The successful candidate will be part of the Physics of Biological
Systems group (http://bioisi.campus.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/node/21
) and will also be
affiliated with the Magnetic Nanosystems Group
), both at the BioISI
Applicants should have a PhD in physics (preferred) or theoretical
chemistry. Candidates with experience in C/C++ programming and knowledge
of computational statistical physics and / or experience in molecular
simulation will be preferred.
The amount of the scholarship amounts to € 1.495
). The fellowship holder will
have a personal accident insurance and, if not covered by any social
protection scheme can ensure the right to social security through
adherence to the voluntary social insurance scheme, pursuant to "Código
dos Regimes Contributivos do Sistema Previdencial de Segurança Social".
The fellowship will be paid monthly by bank transfer.
To apply please send a detailed CV, motivation letter and two reference
letters to bioisidirector@fc.ul.pt (CC:
pffaisca@fc.ul.pt ).
Candidates will be assessed by the quality of their CV (70%) and
experience in the required methodologies (20%) and an interview (through
Skype for non-residents) (10%).
*The call for applications is open from March 30th – April 14 2017.*

Patrícia F.N. Faísca, PhD
Assistant Professor & Group Leader
Department of Physics & BioISI - Integrative Sciences Institute
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edificio C8, 1649-016 Lisboa, PORTUGAL
P: +351 21 7904819
F: +351 21 7954288
W: http://webpages.fc.ul.pt/~pffaisca/

"The physicists won't like me because I'm a renegade from physics...and
the chemists won't like me because I'm a physicist. And the biologists
won't like me because I do biology. And the mathematicians won't know
about me because I don't do mathematics" - C.P. Snow