15th March 2017 : PhD position in Biological Physics | TU Dresden (deadline 18.04.)

A PhD position is available in the "Biological Algorithms Group" of
cfaed (TU Dresden, Germany) on theory of synchronization in cilia
carpets, starting July 1st, 2017.

Please forward this announcement to potentially interested candidates.
Informal inquiries should be send to benjamin.m.friedrich@tu-dresden.de

Thank you
Benjamin Friedrich
Biological Algorithms Group, cfaed, TU Dresden

*PhD position*
We are hiring a PhD student for an innovative project on collective
synchronization in cilia carpets, with anticipated funding from the DFG
priority program “Microswimmers” (SPP 1726).

*The project*
Inside our airways, thousands of hair-like cilia beat with a common
rhythm. Yet, there is no master pace maker and synchronization occurs
purely by local coupling, providing a striking example of self-organized
dynamics. You will develop a theory of robust synchronization in cilia
carpets, in order to unveil physical mechanisms of collective
synchronization. You will have access to state-of-the art hydrodynamic
simulation tools, established in our group, and a novel framework of
Lagrangian mechanics for active, elastic structures, such as beating
cilia. More information: Klindt et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. (2016).

*TU Dresden*
Dresden unites excellence in information and life sciences. We enjoy the
close proximity of collaboration partners at the Max Planck Institute of
Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the Biotechnology Center, and the
new Center for Systems Biology Dresden, which allows rapid iteration
loops between theory and experiment.

*Application Procedure*
Your application (in English only) should include: a motivation letter,
your CV with publication list, the names and contact details of two
references, copy of degree certificate, and transcript of grades (i.e.
the official list of coursework including your grades). Please include
also a link to your Master’s thesis. Complete applications should be
submitted preferably by e-mail as a single PDF-document quoting the
reference number PhD-1703 in the subject header to
(Please note: We are currently not able to receive electronically signed
and encrypted data) or alternatively by post to: TU Dresden, cfaed, Frau
Dr. P. Grünberg, 01062 Dresden, Germany. The closing date for
applications is 18.04.2017 (stamped arrival date of the university
central mail service applies). Please submit copies only, as your
application will not be returned to you. Expenses incurred in attending
interviews cannot be reimbursed.

Biological Algorithms Group
TU Dresden: Biological Systems Path of the Center for Advancing
Electronics Dresden (cfaed)

Gunther-Landgrafbau (GLB), room 6-227 (2nd floor)
Mommsenstr. 15, 01069 Dresden
phone: +49 351 463-42341 (in urgent cases: +49 177
47 55 154 )

See Attachement : phd_position_biological_algorithms_group_flagellar_synchronization.pdf