27th February 2018 : PhD and Postdoc position in condensed matter theory

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Subject: PhD and Postdoc position in condensed matter theory
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:52:05 +0100
From: Achim Rosch <rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de>
Organization: ITP Univ Cologne
To: rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de

Dear colleagues,

Within my group in Cologne, Germany, there will be open
positions  both for a postdoctoral

and a PhD position in condensed matter theory (see below)

in mid 2018 (or later). I would appreciate if you could bring
this to

the attention of possible candidates.

Best regards

   Achim Rosch

PhD and postdoc position at the Institute for Theoretical
Physics in Cologne

We seek applications both for a postdoctoral and a PhD position

Condensed Matter Theory.

Both positions will be part of the group of Achim Rosch. The
group works on a

wide range of topics including correlated and topological
quantum systems,

magnetic skyrmions, driven systems far from equilibrium,  Dirac
matter and

transport, and ultracold atom systems. We aim at the discovery
of new

phenomena, often in collaboration with experimental groups.

Please contact me by email for further information. Screening of

candidates will start immediately.

For applications please submit your convincing application
(including transcript

of records for PhD candidates) to class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"
href="mailto:rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de" moz-do-not-send="true">rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de
not later than March 15th, 2018.

(An official announcement will soon be posted on our webpages).


Achim Rosch

Institute for Theoretical Physics

University of Cologne


href="mailto:rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de" moz-do-not-send="true">rosch@thp.uni-koeln.de

Tel. +49 221 470 4994