6th March 2018 : Postdoc position on mechanics of soft amorphous solids at Georgetown University

Dear All

There is an opening for a post-doc to work on modeling and simulations
of soft amorphous solids in my group, with a focus on linear and
non-linear mechanics. Ideally the candidate will have experience in some
of the following areas: statistical physics, computational methods,
rheology and mechanics of amorphous solids.

The project will involve particle based simulations and spatially
resolved microscopic analysis of deformation and flow. Our main goal is
to develop novel fundamental understanding to predict and optimize
mechanical properties, but we will also be working with experimental and
modeling teams to connect our findings to properties of industrially
relevant soft solids.

Interested candidate should send me their CV, list of publications, and
a short (1-2 page) summary of their research accomplishments and
research interests.

Best regards,

Emanuela Del Gado
Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology
Georgetown University
Washington DC