LPTMS Internship Proposal: Pairing and topological phases in cold atoms with long-range interaction

Correlated quantum systems in low dimensions show fascinating properties that distinguish them from their three dimensional counterparts as a consequence of the enhancement of quantum fluctuations. Interacting fermions and bosons in one-dimension (1D) can exhibit many exotic phases of matter. Although short-range interacting particles in 1D are rather well understood, much less is known for long-range interacting systems.Seminal efforts are underway in the control of artificial quantum systems to simulate arbitrary model Hamiltonians which are now barely accessible to classical computation methods. Ultra-cold dipolar or Rydberg atoms can realize Bose or Fermi gases with long-range interactions.

Internship director surnames:Leonardo MAZZA, Guillaume ROUX and Pascal SIMON
E-mails:leonardo.mazza@u-psud.fr, guillaume.roux@u-psud.fr,pascal.simon@u-psud.fr
Web page:http://lptms.u-psud.fr/and https://www.lps.u-psud.fr

Internship location:Orsay(labs will be neighbor in January)