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Les adresses mail sont de la forme: prénom POINT nom CHEZ lptms.u-psud.fr

List of members



Loop corrections to mean field theory for glassy systems in the broken replica phase

Luca BARBERI (5-7736)

Geometric frustration of Dense DNA

Giulio BERTOLI (5-7333)

Many-body localization of two-dimensional disordered bosons and fermions

Thibault BONNEMAIN (5-7347)

Mean field game models of segregation

Samuel CAZAYUS-CLAVERIE (5-7347) [Site Web]

Dynamics of contractility in disordered cytoskeletal networks

Thibault CONGY (5-7475) [Site Web]

Fluctuation dans les fluides quantiques non linéaires

Aurélien GRABSCH (5-7475) [Site Web]

Théorie des matrices aléatoires, transport quantique, systèmes désordonnés

Angelika KNOTHE [Page Web]

The fractional quantum Hall effect in multicomponent systems

Bertrand LACROIX A CHEZ TOINE (5-7736)

Matrices aléatoires et systèmes de fermions piégés

Ivan PALAIA (5-7347)

Dynamics of ionic condensates in colloidal dispersions

Kirill PLEKHANOV (5-7736)

Topological floquet states, artificial gauge fields in strongly-correlated quantum fluids


Collective behaviors in interacting spin systems

Maksim SEVELEV (5-7736)

The Boltzmann Pseudodynamics Approach to Long Time Dynamics in Disordered Systems

Stefano SPIGLER (5-7475)

Bridging thermodynamic and kinetic theories of glasses

Shuang WU (5-7987)

Algebraic area distribution of two-dimensional biased and unbiased random walks and the Hofstadter model


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