12th July 2017 : PhD openings in computational physics at the University of Vienna

Dear colleague!

We would like to draw your attention to two new PhD openings in
computational physics at the University of Vienna:

-*Open position with Prof. Christoph Dellago

/Non-equilibrium Fluctuations of Vacuum Laser Trapped Nanoparticles
/The objective of this project is to investigate, using computer
simulations and theory, the dynamics of non-equilibrium systems. The
specific example to be studied is a laser trapped nanoparticle, which is
investigated experimentally by our project partners at the ETH Zurich.
The levitated nanoparticle will be used to investigate non-equilibrium
fluctuations, which will be analysed in the framework of stochastic
thermodynamics. Specifically, we will explore transitions between
stationary non-equilibrium states, fluctuations in steady-states that
violate the principle of detailed balance, the concept of conditional
reversibility, and the coupling between internal and center-of-mass
temperatures. The student to be involved in this project is expected to
have knowledge of advanced statistical mechanics and be proficient in
computer programming.

-*Open position with Prof. Christos Likos
/Self-assembly of quasi-two dimensional soft colloids
/We are looking for a Ph.D. student to work on our current activity of
investigations of soft, patchy colloids under geometrical confinement.
Previous investigations in the group have established that star-shaped
block-copolymers in the bulk can act as self-organized patchy particles,
whose patchiness can be tuned by molecular architecture and temperature,
leading to the emergence of a variety of self-assembled structures. The
current project will extend these investigations at the border between
two and three dimensions, where the block copolymer stars have been
found to build a variety of soft polygons, including squares, triangles
and pentagons, which make them excellent candidates for the formation of
two-dimensional quasicrystals. The focus will be on developing
coarse-grained models for the investigation of the phase behaviour in
two dimensions. The successful candidate should have a solid background
in Statistical Physics; experience with computer simulations and/or
polymer or colloidal physics is a plus.

The application process runs through the Vienna Doctoral School in
Physics (VDS-P)

and registration is possible until *July 30*.
The poster for the open call can be found here
further information on the admission process can be found here.

We would be very grateful if you could forward this information and the
attachment to qualified students who might be interested in performing
their doctoral work at the University of Vienna.

Feel free to approach us in case you have any questions or comments.

With many thanks in advance.

Warm regards on behalf of the VDS-P Team,

Manon Roeleveld, MA *
Coordination, Vienna Doctoral School of Physics (VDS)

University of Vienna
Faculty of Physics
Boltzmanngasse 5, Room 3227, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Mail: manon.roeleveld@univie.ac.at
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