13th July 2017 : Soft matter research with some teaching duties – ESPCI (Paris)

ESPCI, Paris is recruiting a non-tenured Lecturer for the 2017-2018
academic year. The profile includes teaching and research activities.
Teaching can be performed in English.

* Teaching activity: Supervision of practical work in C programming
(first year of engineering studies), programming with Matlab (2nd year
of engineering studies).
The teaching is often structured as a research project involving
molecular dynamics or acoustics applications. It is taught in small groups
with highly motivated students. Teaching duties are very concentrated in
the year and can often be performed within a six week window, leaving
the rest
of the year free for research.

* Research can be associated with the Gulliver or Langevin laboratory in
the fields of statistical mechanics, hydrodynamics, active matter,
elasticity, biophysics, waves.
The laboratory has active theoretical and experimental groups.

Applicants should hold a PhD in physics. A statistical physics
background in out of equilibrium physics and/or condensed matter physics
is welcome.
A good knowledge of programming is a must.

Formal announcement:

ESPCI is an applied science and engineering school, as well as a CNRS
research centre based in the centre of the city of Paris.

Contact and information: