30th August 2018 : PhD – TU Dresden – Muscle building in silico: Mathematical modeling of myofibrillogenesis

Dear colleagues,

We have an open PhD position in Theoretical Biological Physics, fully
funded by the Human Frontiers Science Program.

This theory project asks how the almost crystalline force generators
inside muscle cells self-assemble. The project will combine statistical
physics, computational physics, and analysis of experimental data, i.e.

1. the development of agent-based simulation to test putative physical
mechanisms of how actin filaments and myosin molecular motors interact
during myofibrillogenesis and spontaneously form periodic patterns,

2. mean-field theories that coarse-grain simulations to generate
analytical insight, and

3. data & image analysis of experimental data to calibrate and validate

Prior experience in biology is not required, but the ideal candidate
should possess excellent analytical skills (e.g. Master’s degree in
Theoretical Physics or Applied Mathematics), and a keen interest in
cross-disciplinary research. I would be most grateful if you could pass
on this information to any suitable candidates.

More information on the project can be found here:


This PhD project is part of a theory-experiment collaboration with the
experimental groups of Frank Schnorrer at Marseilles and Olivier
Pourquie at Harvard. The theory student will have access to time-lapse
fluorescence microscopy data of developing myofibrils from the fly and
human stem cells, as well as molecular force-sensor data.

The official job advertisement can be found here:


Best wishes

Benjamin Friedrich


Dresden in Germany is an excellent place for doing cross-disciplinary
research that bridges biology, physics, and engineering; moreover
Dresden offers a rich cultural life, affordable rents, and lush countryside.

The language of our group is English and the position is open for
students of any nationality.

Biological Algorithms Group
TU Dresden: Biological Systems Path of the Center for Advancing
Electronics Dresden (cfaed)