6th April 2018 : Postdoc – statistical biophysics – ENS Paris

Dear Colleagues,

We would be grateful if you could help us share this announcement with
potentially interested candidates.

thank you,

Simona, Rémi, Thierry and Aleksandra


We are looking for a post doctoral researcher to model the interactions
between the immune
system and neoantigens — mutated sequences in cancer cells.

The post doc will be working in the Physics Departement at the Ecole
Normale Superieure-Paris, under the supervision of S. Cocco (LPS-ENS), T.
Mora (LPS-ENS), R. Monasson (LPT-ENS) and A. Walczak (LPT-ENS), and will
be funded by a Stand Up To Cancer grant, in collaboration with B.
Greenbaum (Tisch Cancer Institute, Mount Sinai, New York) and Vinod
Balachandran (Memorial Sloan-Kettering).

The aim of the study will be to investigate the ability of the immune
system to keep under control the evolution of cancers, depending on the
patient antibody repertoire developed in response to previously
encountered infections.

Post-doc candidates are expected to have solid experience in  statistical
physics, inference methods and data analysis, and both analytical and
computer programming skills. Moreover he/she should have a deep interest
and possibly a previous experience in biology.  His/her work will be fully
interdisciplinary, including both elaboration of models and inference
methods, sequence-data analysis and experimental data analysis in direct
interaction with experimentalists.

If you are interested please us send a CV and a short email motivating
your interest in the position by May 15th 2018.

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