Candidature spontanée L3 Vasil Yordanov

De: "Vasil Yordanov (student)" <>;
À: "Emmanuel Trizac" <>;
Envoyé: Mercredi 15 Juillet 2020 15:50:54
Objet: Opportunities at LTPSM for L3 Physics Student

Dear Mr. Trizac,

My name is Vasil Yordanov, and I will be an exchange student at Paris-Saclay in L3 Physics during 2020/2021.

I am very eager and enthusiastic to become familiar with several topics listed on your website (soft matter, physics biology interface, glasses, biophysics, topological defects in electronic systems, ferroelectricity and charge ordering in organic conductors). I was wondering if there are any opportunities to join your team during the academic year.

In case such an opportunity is available, I would like to spend time before coming to Paris-Saclay to familiarize myself with some literature in the field. Please let me know what topics are suitable for my level of study, so I can lookup appropriate books and resources.

Because we cannot have a face-to-face meeting before my arrival in September, we can schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss the details. Or we can communicate through e-mail, whichever you prefer.