Candidature spontanée / stage M1 6 mois iCFP Ens / Matilde Baroni

De: "matilde baroni" <>;
À: "Emmanuel Trizac" <>;
Envoyé: Vendredi 11 Décembre 2020 09:34:40
Objet: Master student internship request

Dear professor Trizac,

My name is Matilde Baroni, and I am a physics student currently attending the first year of ICFP master at ENS. I am writing to you because I have to find a training internship in a research lab, lasting all the second semester of this year (approximately 6 months starting from February).

I am Italian and I graduated with a bachelor degree at the University of Bologna. In September I moved to Paris to start the ICFP master at ENS, and therefore I just started to explore the enormous research environment parisienne. If you need more information about me, please don’t hesitate to ask and I can send you my CV.

My research interests are mainly towards theoretical physics, and in particular statistical physics, even though I consider myself very young and curious, and open to inevitably many changes and challenges. I would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity in a research lab (the first time for me) to understand if research in theoretical/statistical physics could really be my path in the next future. Therefore I am not sticked to an argument in particular: as a start I would prefer to focus on a project I could really tackle, to really dive in and explore this world.

If you are interested and you need more information, for example about the more practical details of the internship, please don’t hesitate to ask!

In this case, it would be very useful for me to have some more information about the projects that you are working on, and have more details about what I could  help you with.

On the other hand if you are not able to do me a proposal, many thanks anyway, and it would be really helpful for me to have some contacts in case you know some projects willing to involve master students (being an international student, not in Paris right now due to the global pandemic, it is quite hard for me to get contacts).

Again, many thanks for your time and kindness, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Matilde Baroni