Candidature spontanée / stage M1 Fonda Orsay / Charbel Abetian

De: "Charbel Abetian" <>;
À: "Emmanuel Trizac" <>;
Envoyé: Mardi 5 Janvier 2021 20:42:27
Objet: Asking for an Internship
Dear Professor TRIZAC

I am currently an M1 student at Paris Saclay (M1 physique fondamentale). I am looking for an internship in the domain of statistical physics or condensed matter lasting for a minimum of 10 weeks and starting in mid May. 

I therefore write to you, to inquire about the possibility of an internship within the LPTMS research team.

I have already contacted some members from the LPTMS based on their respective domains, expressing to them my willingness to work with them, however there are only not so many internship propositions on the site of the LPTMS. I therefore contact you hoping that you’ll guide me to the right person and finding a position easier.

As you can see in my CV(attached to this email) I am heavily interested in statistical physics and condensed matter. We can setup a small meeting to talk a little bit more about my specific interests in the field. I don't mind any working on any project, as I have seen how interesting are the papers published by the LPMTS group of researchers, but mainly I prefer an internship that is theoretical and contains a lot of mathematics and simulation.

I believe that I am motivated and qualified enough to take on any project you propose to me. Being a team member in the Paris-Saclay team assisting in the french physics tournament I have a 2 week break (to compensate on the additional time we spend in the lab compared to students not taking part in the tournament) during which I am planning to study the subjects needed for the project you propose in case you have a position for me as an intern.

Kindly, find my CV attached  to this email. If you have further questions, please contact me via email, phone or by setting up an online meeting.


Charbel Abetian