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Eugene Bogomolny: High-excited wave functions and multifractality (...)
Martin Lenz: Slimming down through frustration
Satya Majumdar: Introduction to random matrix theory (3)
Satya Majumdar: Random Matrix Theory and its Applications( Lecture 4 )
Satya Majumdar: KPZ story 8.5.2017
Satya Majumdar: Random Matrix Theory And its Applications ( Lecture - 1 )
Satya Majumdar: Prof. Satya Majumdar is coming (Nanocolloquium Series)
Satya Majumdar: Top eigenvalue of a Gaussian random matrix: Large Deviations
Satya Majumdar: Diffusion with Stochastic Resetting
Satya Majumdar: Top Eigenvalue of a Random Matrix: A tale of tails
Satya Majumdar: Talents CNRS
Nicolas Pavloff: Les trous noirs acoustiques
Gregory Schehr: Extreme of non-intersecting Brownian motions from Yang-Mills theory...
Grégory Schehr: Exact persistence exponent for the 2d-diffusion equation and related Kac polynomials
Gregory Schehr: Introductory lectures on record statistics
Gregory Schehr: Large deviations for non-interacting trapped fermions
Gora Shlyapnikov: New trends in quantum gases in disorder
Gora Shlyapnikov: 2010 08 20
Emmanuel Trizac: When random walkers help solving intriguing integrals
Emmanuel Trizac: From the H theorem to adiabaticity shortcuts
Mikhail Zvonarev: Propagation of an impurity through a quantum medium

Séminaires du mardi 2021-2022
Isabelle Bouchoule — Effect of losses in correlated quantum gases
Pierfrancesco Urbani — Marginal stability in soft anharmonic mean field spin glasses
Mikhail Zvonarev — Spin-charge separation for hardcore fermions in one dimension
Camille Aron — Non-analytic non-equilibrium field theory
Sara Murciano — Symmetry-resolved entanglement and negativity in systems with U(1) symmetry
Juliane Klamser — Monte Carlo descriptions of active matter and their continuous-time limits
Andrea de Luca — Universal out-of-equilibrium dynamics of 1D noisy critical quantum systems
Denis Ullmo — A Mean Field Game description of pedestrian dynamic
Marco Tarzia — Fully localized and partially delocalized but non-ergodic states in the tails of critical Erdos-Renyi graphs
Alexei Chepelianski — Monte Carlo sampling: convergence, localization transition and optimality
Kay Wiese — Force correlations in disordered systems and this year’s Nobel prize in physics
Jacqueline Bloch — Using cavity polariton lattices as analog simulators
Guilhem Semerjian — The planted matching problem
Aurelien Grabsch — Generalised Density Profiles in Single-File Systems
Daniel Cabra — Multiferroics: Lattice assisted magneto-electric coupling
Lorenzo Piroli — Synthetic models for quantum many-body physics out of equilibrium
Louise Budzynski — The closest vector problem and the spin glass model with external fields for lossy compression
Scott Robertson — Analogue preheating in a 1D condensate
Tomaž Prosen — Random Matrix Spectral Fuctuations in Quantum Lattice Systems
Christophe Texier — Exponential functional of the matrix Brownian motion: matrix Dufresne identity and Wigner-Smith time delay matrix
IPhT — LPTMS Quantum Day
Tommaso Roscilde — Many-body entanglement: a look from the tower (of states)
Pietro Rotondo — Universal mean field upper bound for the generalisation gap of deep neural networks
Remi Monasson — Restricted Boltzmann Machines revisited: from landscape to transition path sampling
Kirone Mallick — An exact solution of the macroscopic fluctuation theory
Joachim Krug — Discrete and continuous geometry of fitness landscapes
Grigory Astrakharchik — Formation of liquids in low-dimensional dipolar systems
Marko Znidaric — Non-Hermitian phantoms
Marina Gonchenko — Homoclinic phenomena in conservative dynamical systems
Revaz Ramazashvili — Skyrmion-electron bound states in a Néel antiferromagnet
Thomas Barthel — Crossover functions for entanglement entropy in many-body energy eigenstates
and universality
Thomas Franosch — Gravitaxis of a single active particle
Alberto Nardin - Linear and non-linear edge dynamics of trapped fractional quantum Hall droplets
Emilio Trevisani - Random field models and Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry
EOlivier Martin - Minimum complexity drives regulatory logic in Boolean models of living systems
Guillaume Barraquand - Stationary measures for the KPZ equation
David Carpentier - Anomalous Luttinger equivalence between temperature and curved spacetime: From black holes to thermal quenches
Bertrand Lacroix -Superposition of random plane waves in high dimension as a random landscape
Benjamin Walter-First passage problems in classical and quantum processes
Martin Evans - Interacting Persistent Random Walkers
Yuval Scher - Gated First-passage Processes
Alexis Poncet - Collective effects in driven matter: from one-dimensional crowding to 2D melting
Elisabeth Agoritsas - Towards a unifying (mean-field) picture of driven disordered systems
Etienne Granet - Out-of-equilibrium dynamics in Gaussian systems: from quantum quenches to measurement-induced phase transitions
Patrick Cheinet - Controlling auto-ionization of doubly excited Rydberg states, a new tool for Rydberg-based quantum processors
Sanjai Moudgalya - Unconventional Symmetries in Quantum Many-Body Physics
Muhittin Mungan - Memory Formation in Driven Disordered Systems - Dead or Alive
Kirill Polovnikov - From topologically-stabilized polymer states to KPZ universalities in polymers
Luca Peliti - Fluctuation relations and fitness in cell populations
Christopher Lee Baldwin - Self-averaging and the replica trick in quantum spin glasses and SYK
Enrico Malatesta - Structure and connectivity of the solution landscape of non-convex neural networks
Mathias Rousset - On Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) strategies for Target Distributions
Matthieu Barbier - A stroll between statistical physics and many-species ecosystems
Xiaowen Chen - Inferring collective behavior in social mice
Andrea Di Gioacchino - How virus-host interactions shape nucleotide usage in genomes - a view from statistical physics
Ulisse Ferrari - Collective behavior in neuronal networks: Maximum Entropy Principle in Neuroscience
Silvia Grigolon - Understanding the mechanics of coordinated tissue movements in zebrafish gastrulation
Bruno Loureiro - A unifying approach to stochastic gradient descent in two-layers neural networks
Beatriz Seoane - Statistical Physics of Energy-Based generative models