The meeting will take place at Université Paris Descartes, 45 Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6), « Salle du Conseil, Aile Turing ».

To get there:

  1.  Go to 45 Rue des Saints-Pères, Métro Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  2.  Enter into the building through the main entrance
  3.  Go straight into the Hall and then turn right. On your left, there are two lifts, on each side of the stairs
  4.  Take the lift up to the 7th floor
  5.  When you exit the lift, turn right
  6.  Enter into the corridor « Matématologie » and continue up to the end of that corridor
  7.  Take the left door on your left to get into the « Aile Turing »
  8. The seminar room  »Salle du Conseil » is on your right at the end of the « Aile Turing »

The map:


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