photo_gregoryI am a permanent CNRS research scientist (DR 2) at the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies. My research interests are in statistical mechanics. The main topics I am interested in include in particular: extreme value statistics, non-equilibrium dynamics, first-passage problems and disordered systems.

Contact information

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies (LPTHE)

Sorbonne Université, Tour 13-14, 4th floor

4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex, France

OFFICE NUMBER : 13.14-414
PHONE : +33 (0)1 44 27 74 31
EMAIL : gregory.schehr@u-psud.fr


  • With F. Mori, P. Le Doussal and S. N. Majumdar, we recently posted on paper on Condensation transition in the late-time position of a Run-and-Tumble particle, preprint logo_new.small
  • With J. Grela, S. N. Majumdar, we recently posted a paper on Non-intersecting Brownian bridges in the flat-to-flat geometry, G. Schehr, preprint logo_new.small
  • With B. de Bruyne, S. N. Majumdar, G. Schehr, we recently poster a paper on Survival probability of a run-and-tumble particle in the presence of a drift, preprint logo_new.small




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