Here is a list of recent talks:

  • Universal order statistics of random walks SLIDES
  • Near-extreme eigenvalues and the first gap of Hermitian random matrices SLIDES
  • Universal record statistics of random walks SLIDES
  • Real roots of random polynomials and zero crossing properties of diffusion equation SLIDES
  • On the smallest eigenvalue at the hard edge of the Laguerre ensemble of complex random matrices SLIDES
  • Large deviations of the top eigenvalue of random matrices and applications in statistical physics SLIDES
  • Large deviations and phase transitions in random matrix theory and related topics SLIDES
  • Near-extremal points of a random walk and variations around Odlyzko’s algorithm for the search of its maximum SLIDES
  • Late time zero temperature dynamics of the spherical spin-glass model of finite size SLIDES
  • Finite temperature free fermions and the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation SLIDES
  • Some questions related to the record increments of stochastic time series SLIDES
  • La persistance en physique statistique hors d’équilibre, at College de France, VIDEO
  • Exact Persistence Exponent for the 2d-diffusion equation and related Kac polynomials VIDEO

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