Upcoming conferences/workshops
Selected conferences/workshops where I’ve been invited:

Non-equilibrium behaviour of isolated classical and quantum systems

09/2018, Trieste (Italy)
[website, slides]

Transport in Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems

07/2018 – 08/2018, Natal (Brazil)
[website, photo1photo2photo3, video]

Integrable and chaotic quantum dynamics: from holography to lattice

06/2018, Bled (Slovenia)
[website, photo1photo2]

Quantum Paths

04/2018-05/2018, Vienna (Austria)

Sigmaphi 2017

07/2017, Corfú (Greece)
[website, photo]

Quantum nonequilibrium Phenomena

06/2016, Natal (Brazil)
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Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Integrable Models in and out of Equilibrium

01/2016, Cambridge (UK)

Beyond integrability: The mathematics and physics of integrability and its breaking in low-dimensional strongly correlated quantum phenomena

07/2015, Montreal (Canada)

Statistical Physics and Low Dimensional Systems

05/2015, Pont-à-Mousson (France)

School on Non-linear Dynamics, Dynamical Transitions and Instabilities in Classical and Quantum Systems

07/2014, Trieste (Italy)

Quantum Integrability, Conformal Field Theory and Topological Quantum Computation

03-04/2014, Natal (Brazil)

New quantum states of matter in and out of equilibrium

05/2012, Trieste (Italy)
[website, slides]