Positions available

We enjoy students and postdocs with backgrounds in various areas of Theoretical Physics: Soft Matter, Biophysics, Statistical Mechanics, Computational Physics, Mechanics... Strong candidates are always encouraged to apply. Please contact Martin directly if you are interested in a position - informal inquiries welcome. You may also be interested in LPTMS' job board, or in thesis proposals from our graduate program (open to outside applicants).

M.S. and Ph.D. students

We currently have openings for masters' and Ph.D. students, with a focus on the emergence of fibers upon the self-assembly of frustrated particles and the nonequilibrium self-assembly of cytoskeletal networks. We however also welcome candidates interested in other projects within our fields of interest.

Postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral opportunities are available in all of the group's areas of interest. More details on our research page and in this notice. Make sure to outline the specifics of your interest and the relevance of your experience to the group's activity in your application. We largely disregard generic applications.

Independent researchers

Several funding schemes are available to join LPTMS as an independent investigator, allowing collaborations with our group. These opportunities are somewhat akin to short tenure-track positions, and are thus best suited for current postdocs with a strong research record. Since 2017, CNRS has been launching its "Momentum" call (each edition has its own website, most easily found using your search engine), which funds the salary of an independent investigator for three years as well as one two-year postdoc position to work under her or him. Deadline in the late Spring/early Summer. Our local funding body, Labex PALM offers similar positions entitled chaires junior externes in its yearly AO Recherche. Deadline around December. Both positions facilitate the recruitment of the awardee as a CNRS tenured principal investigator, but are not strictly required for it. Deadline in early January.