Initiatives and events we are involved in

Long-term initiatives

PhysBioPS: unifying the physics-biology interface in Paris-Saclay
Institut Pascal: a place of sciences dedicated to research, meetings of ideas and creation

Current and upcoming events

Physics-Biology Interface seminar series
4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Oct. 2018)


EDPIF PhD student meeting 2018 (Jun. 2018)
Paris Biological Physics Community Day 2017 (Nov. 2017)
Modelling 3D Genome Organization: Towards Integration of Hi-C and Microscopy Data. (Oct. 2017)
In honor of Françoise Livolant: Geometry & interactions in self-assembled biological systems. (Mar. 2017)
3rd International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Oct. 2016)
Paris Biological Physics Community Day 2016 (Oct. 2016)
From Soft Matter to Cell Biology workshop (Jun. 2015)
Biomechanics across scales workshop (Feb. 2015)
2nd International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Jun. 2014)
Symposium in honor of Thomas A. Witten (Nov. 2013)
Science Académie (2006-2009)


Chase Broedersz (LMU Munich)
Margaret Gardel (U. of Chicago)
Niels Holten-Andersen (MIT)
Michael Murrell (Yale U.)
Guillaume Romet-Lemonne & Antoine Jégou (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris)
Olivia du Roure & Julien Heuvingh (ESPCI)
Aurélien Roux (U. of Geneva)
Thomas A. Witten (U. of Chicago)

Practical and professional resources

for students

Career service within Université Paris-Sud
Pre-thesis information workshop
Thesis proposals between academia and the private sector

for doctors moving to the private sector

National doctors' association (promoting Ph.D.s in France)
Intelli'agence - assisting Ph.D.s professionally, and a few thesis proposals
Career advice for PhDs
DocPro - make yourself attractive to an employer

for postdocs

Information about the practical aspects of studying & doing research in France
Information on CNRS' section 02 (Theoretical Physics), including recruitment

for all incoming or visiting scientists

Paris-Saclay e-International Welcome Office
Assistance for foreign scientists arriving in the Paris area
More assistance for foreign visitors to France
Paris-Sud housing website
Housing for academics in France and elsewhere
Hotels in Paris and south of it
Bicycle sales, rentals and repairs from a local association


A comic strip about our group's research
L'Arbre des Connaissances
Fête de la Science
La Main à la Pâte
La Nuit des Chercheurs