The full program is available for download.
A poster prize in honor of Spencer Brown will be awarded at the end of the conference. Read more about Spencer here.

Instrumental developments – Tue. June 24th afternoon

Petra Schwille Design features of protein clockworks
Ata Akin What can fNIRS tell us about neurovascular coupling? Advantages and limitations.
Peter Dedecker Fluorescence imaging with smart labels
Laura Lechuga Nanobiosensor devices for the direct and label-free deciphering of cellular pathways

Molecular biophysics – Wed. June 25th morning

Franck Artzner Self-assemblies of peptide nanotubes : from structures to applications
Alain Arneodo Master replication origins at the heart of the organization and fragility of the human genome
Edward Egelman Cryo-EM of Helical Polymers at Near Atomic Resolution : New Insights into Evolutionary Divergence
Ewa Paluch Actin cortex mechanics in animal cell morphogenesis

Viruses – Wed. June 25th afternoon

Bogdan Dragnea Mechanical properties of icosahedral viruses under osmotic stress
Douglas E. Smith Viral Genome Packaging Powered by DNA Translocating Molecular Motors
Patrick Forterre Viruses and vesicles of hyperthermophilic archaea from terrestrial and deep sea vents: novel biological systems waiting for further exploration
Gijs Wuite Unlocking the mechanics of viral maturation

Cellular mechanics – Thu. June 26th morning

Viola Vogel Nanomechanics by which cells explore their environments and pick up their prey
Bela Mulder Taking directions: modeling self-organization in the plant cytoskeleton
Margaret Gardel Mechanics of contractile matter
Anne Houdusse How nanomotors produce force in cells – insights from the myosin superfamily

Morphogenesis and development – Thu. June 26th afternoon

Matthieu Piel Cell trajectories: from a universal law of cell migration to search strategies
Pierre-François Lenne Mechanics of cell contacts during tissue morphogenesis
René Doursat Computational Modeling and Simulation of Animal Early Embryogenesis
Julien Vermot Real time endocardial biomechanics during heart valve development

Single molecules – Fri. June 27th morning

Antigoni Alexandrou Exploring the membrane architecture with single-molecule tracking, Bayesian inference, and hydrodynamic force
Emmanuel Margeat Structural dynamics of single G-protein coupled receptors
Matthias Rief Mechanics of Single Protein Molecules
Naoki Watanabe Dynamic view of mechanical regulation of actin cytoskeleton through single-molecules