Some speakers have agreed for their talks to be recorded. They will be available for about two weeks after the conference. The download password is identical to the conference’s Zoom password, which registered participants have received via email.

Tuesday, June 22nd

Andela Saric, Active elastic ESCRT-III filaments in reshaping and splitting cells across evolution
Mareike Berger, Is size all that matters? Cell cycle regulation in E. coli
Chloe Roffay, Passive coupling of membrane tension and cell volume during active response of cells to osmosis
Bruno Moulia, The shaping of plants (including trees) by mechanical and optical directional signals

Wednesday, June 23rd

Arthur Boutillon, Guidance by followers ensures long-range coordination of cell migration through α-Catenin mechanoperception
Diane-Laure Pages, Collective amoeboid migration: a new mode of migration occuring in non-adhesive confined environments
Aarren Mannion, A YAP-AmotL2 vascular mechanosensory signaling axis
Claire Wyart, Brain body interactions via the cerebrospinal fluid
Aleksandra Radenovic, From Ions to Cell Images

Thursday, June 24th

Alba Diz-Muñoz, Cortex mechanics and architecture are controlled by membrane-to-cortex attachment
Jean-Léon Maître, Mechanics of blastocyst morphogenesis
Jia Hui Li, Magnetic manipulation of membrane molecule motion
Joris Messelink, Learning […] chromosome conformations in bacteria reveals emergent order across genomic scales
Bianxiao Cui, Membrane curvature and cellular mechanotransduction
Ozgur Sahin, Unexpected patterns in nanoscale cell stiffness images due to intracellular forces

Friday, June 25th

Stefan Diez, Torque generation by microtubule-crosslinking motors
Christian Wagner, Red Blood cell flow dynamic in-vivo
Jean de Seze, Controlling antagonist responses with a single optogenetic activator
Sara Jamali, Coding of sequence statistics in the auditory cortex of passive vs. active mice
Daan de Groot, Coupling phenotypic stability to growth-rate overcomes limitations of bet-hedging strategies

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