Séminaire du LPTMS : Sanjay Ramassamy (IPHT)

Barak-Erdös graphs and the infinite-bin model

Sanjay Ramassamy (IPHT)

Online seminar — Zoom Meeting ID: 916 6984 4150 — Passcode: ask L. Mazza and D. Petrov !! NEW PASSWORD !! —

Barak-Erdös graphs are the directed acyclic version of Erdös-Rényi random graphs : the vertex set is {1,…,n} and for each i0 and is differentiable once but not twice at p=0. We also show that the coefficients of the Taylor expansion at p=1 of C(p) are
integers, suggesting that C(p) is the generating function of some class of combinatorial objects.

Barak-Erdös graphs arise as a special case of last-passage percolation on the complete directed acyclic graph.

This is joint work with Bastien Mallein (Université Paris-13).

Date/Time : 01/06/2021 - 11:00 - 12:00

Location : LPTMS (100% online seminar)

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