Soutenance de thèse : Ricardo Marino

Number statistics in random matrices and applications to quantum systems

Ricardo Marino

Random matrix theory has found many applications spanning a vast number of fields in physics and mathematics in the last two decades. Most recently, the equivalence between the statistics of eigenvalues of Gaussian Hermitian matrices  and the position of ground-state harmonically confined 1-D fermionic particles has been studied to obtain many interesting and universal results in cold atoms. In my thesis, I explore this connection to solve the problem of determining quantum fluctuations of cold fermions using techniques from random matrix theory, expanding previous results that were restricted only to specific scaling limits of the spectrum to yield a full picture of the behavior of fluctuations of fermionic particles in one dimensional traps.

Date/Time : 16/10/2015 - 14:30 - 17:00

Location : IPN-batiment 100, Auditoriurm

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