Oriol Bohigas was a creative and demanding theoretical physicist whose scientific activity has impacted many fields of physics, ranging from Nuclear Theory where he started his career, to various aspects of the field of Quantum Chaos of which he was one of the founders. His death on October 22 deprives us not only of a cherished friend and colleague, but also of a thoughtful and distinguished physicist. This colloquium aims at paying tribute to him by gathering leading experts on some of the questions to which he had dedicated his scientific life.

Oriol Bohigas

Scholarpedia article of Oriol Bohigas

Invited Speakers :

R. Arvieu (Grenoble) A. Ozorio de Almeida (Rio) S. Stringari (Trento)
M. V. Berry (Bristol) J. L. Pichard (Saclay) S. Tomsovic (Pullman)
J. Keating (Bristol) A. Richter (Darmstadt) A. Voros (Saclay)
P. Leboeuf (Orsay) D. Shepelyansky (Toulouse) H. Weidenmüller (Heidelberg)
P. Mello (Mexico) U. Smilansky (Weizmann)

Location :

IPN Auditorium, Building 100, Orsay Scientific Campus

Scientific Coordination :

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