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Easy compilation

  • there is a latexmk package that can be installed on most Linux environments.

Example (performing bibtex and ps2pdf commands):

latexmk -bibtex -pdfps source(.tex)
  • Makefile for latex
  • stupid by simplest bash script

Tips for LaTeX

  • do not forget the use of {} to remove unwanted blanks in equations. For instance, there is a difference between and .
\vert{\uparrow\downarrow}\rangle and not \vert\uparrow\downarrow\rangle
  • one can give the path for the directory containing the figures using

  • a latexdiff command exists with most latex distributions.
latexdiff-so -h 

for help and options.


latexdiff-so [options] old.tex new.tex > diff.tex

A related command is latexrevise which reads an output of latexdiff and removes its markup.

latexrevise [options] diff.tex > revised.tex

Some packages

Ornaments and lettrine


Bibtex tools

A sorting strategy

The best strategy with revtex is to use a references.bib file containing all references (see managing bibliography) and to include them using the apsrev4-1 bibliography style that will format correctly the bibitems:


Then, the compilation creates a .bbl file with the correctly ordered references. If you want to merge some bibitems, you can include by hand the .bbl file at the place of the bibliography and reshape your bibitems (and corresponding \cite{}) at will.

However, you may find that the output in the bbl file is unreadable. Here are some .bst files, alternative to apsrev4-1.bst, which produces plain vanilla bibitem in the Phys. Rev. style.

E.~Dagotto, Rev. Mod. Phys. {\bf 66}, 763 (1994).
  • modern.bst : displays authors up to a maximum of 5
  • modernref.bst : same and creates a weblink with href if an url token is given
  • longmodern.bst : same as modern.bst without the author limit
  • e-modern.bst : same as modern.bst and adds the arXiv number provided an eprint token is present
  • e-longmodern.bst : same as e-modern.bst without the author constraint