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Moving and editing on a line

Works for emacs, and also for the terminal command line which particularly useful for the everyday life

  • go towards next(previous) word
Esc-f, Esc-b
  • go to the end(beginning) of a line
Ctrl-e, Ctrl-a 
  • Cut text towards end of line and put it into the kill ring
  • Kills next(previous) word and put it into the kill ring
Esc-d, Esc-Backspace
  • Paste what is in the kill ring

History of commands

  • a useful command : '!com' recalls the last command which first letters are com. For instance:

will call acroread file.pdf if this was the last command starting with 'a'.

  • another way to find a command in the history is to pipe the history command to grep:
history|grep acroread

Handling batch jobs

  • if you want to send a job on a computer and logout without killing the job:
nohup ./job

The coma to point conversion in French environment

if you are working with a configuration of Linux which has not the dot "." as a standard format for floating points data (for instance the coma "," in French), you can add the following two lines in your .bashrc file:


this will make the job without too many side effects.