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Libraries and softwares



  • with pylab, removes the white borders:

  • equivalent of the C ternary operator ?: (test ? restrue : 'resfalse), use a tuple is possible but not transparent


prefer the inline condition testing way

res = restrue if test or resfalse
# example
min = lambda x,y: x if x<y else y
  • adding a path to a directory containing your module files

import sys
sys.path += [ "/home/username/bin/Python" ]
  • test whether a string has only digits or letters

str = '1321'
str.isdigit() # returns True/False
str.isalpha() # returns True/False
  • Nested for loops in a single line:

for n,m in [ (n,m) for n in range(10) for m in range(2) ]:
    print n,m