Tips for Xmgrace

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  • Beware: there is no Undo option but Reverse to saved so it is better to often save your working document.
  • copy-paste within different boxes does not seem to be possible, one can open a terminal for temporary paste.


  • writing \hbar :
  • shortcut for \f{Symbol}, \f{Times-Roman}, \f{Times-Italic}
\x \0 \1
  • More general shortcuts (have to check this)
\0  Times-Roman
\1  bold
\2  italic
\3  bold-italic
\4  Helvetica
\5  Helvetica - bold
\6  Helvetica - italic
\7  Helvetica - bold-italic
\8  greek
\9  symbol
\+  increase size
\-  decrease size
\b  backspace (size of previous character)
\c  begin using upper 128 characters of set
\C  stop  using upper 128 characters of set
\u  begin underline
\U  stop underline
\s  subscript
\S  superscript
\N  normal
  • gets back to default local font
  • underline a text