Monday, 15.09


chairman: Jook Walraven
08:50 welcoming speech
09:00 Christophe Salomon A Cruise on the Fermi Sea
09:35 Victor Gurarie Prospects of creating two dimensional chiral p-wave atomic superfluids
10:10 Sandro Stringari Effects of polarization in an atomic Fermi gas at unitarity
10:45 coffee break
11:15 Eugene Demler Lattice modulation experiments with fermions in optical lattices
11:50 Jean Dalibard Gauge potentials for cold atoms: from rotations to geometric phases
12:25 lunch
  chairman: Boris Svistunov
14:00 Massimo Inguiscio Ultracold atoms in random lattices
14:35 Alain Aspect Anderson localization: the naive view of an experimentalist
15:10 Boris Altshuler Many Body Anderson localization
15:45 coffee break
16:15 Luis Santos Nonlinear phenomena in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
16:50 Victor Fleurov Temporal dynamics of tunneling. Short and long time scales
17:25 Maciej Lewenstein Gora┬┤s Rigorously Valid Bare State(ment)s (GRVBS) - the new states of matter




Tuesday, 16.09
  chairman: Luis Santos
09:00 Immanuel Bloch Strongly Correlated Bosonic and Fermionic Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices
09:35 Antoine Georges Probing strongly correlated quantum phases of ultra-cold fermions in optical lattices
10:10 Ignacio Cirac Efficient descriptions of many-body quantum systems
10:45 coffee break
11:15 Rudi Grimm Ultracold halo dimers (made of bosonic atoms)
11:50 Yvan Castin Three-body problem with resonant interactions
12:25 lunch
  chairman: Mike Gunn
14:00 Klaasjan van Druten Experiments on Yang-Yang thermodynamics in a 1D Bose gas
14:35 Alexei Tsvelik A competition between Peierls and Mott physics in undoped carbon nanotubes
15:10 Thierry Giamarchi Cold atomic gases, low dimensions, Luttinger liquids and beyond
15:45 coffee break
16:15 Boris Svistunov Supersolidity of He-4
16:50 Nigel Cooper Correlated Phases of Rotating Atomic Gases
17:25 Jason Ho A Grand Challenge in Cold Atom Physics -- Reaching the Strongly Correlated Regime of Lattice Quantum Gases