Physics and Biological Systems Paris-Saclay

"Physics and Biological Systems Paris-Saclay" is an initiative funded by Labex PALM and aimed at unifying the research community at the interface between Physics and Biology in the Paris-Saclay area.

It was launched in 2012 by Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart, Françoise Livolant (main coordinator), Martin Lenz and Olivier Martin, motivated by the fact that while widely represented in the Paris-Saclay area, the physics-biology interface there is very scattered geographically. To help structure it internally as well as increase its national and international visibility, it has since been organizing three types of operations: a biennial international conference, regular topical workshops and a regular seminar series (see list of events below). As of late 2016 these events had brought together as event organizers researchers from 18 different institutes ("laboratoires") in the Paris-Saclay area, and participants from many more.

The initiative has been extended for four years in 2016 under the coordination of Giuseppe Foffi, Alexis Gautreau, Martin Lenz (main coordinator), Christian Marlière and Nathalie Westbrook.

The initiative has been further extended for three years in 2020 under the coordination of Cécile Appert-Rolland, Julien Husson, Christophe Le Clainche, Martin Lenz (main coordinator) and Éric Raspaud.

International Conference

5th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Jun. 2021)
4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Oct. 2018)
3rd International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Oct. 2016)
2nd International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems (Jun. 2014)


Biomechanics from cells to tissues (Nov. 2019)
Immuno-mechanics day: joining forces. (Jun. 2019)
Physical chemistry of the cell 2017. (Nov. 2017)
Modeling of 3D genome organization. (Oct. 2017)
In honor of Françoise Livolant: Geometry & interactions in self-assembled biological systems. (Mar. 2017)
Electroactivity of biological systems (Nov. 2015)
Physical chemistry of the cell 2015 (Nov. 2015)
Virophysics 2015, at the frontier of physics and virology (Jun. 2015)
From Soft Matter to Cell Biology workshop (Jun. 2015)
2015 Paris-Saclay biophysics day (Jun. 2015)
Biomechanics across scales workshop (Feb. 2015)
Ultrafast spectroscopy for biologically relevant systems (Jan. 2015)
Microfluidics for biology (PALM session, part of the microfluidics GDR) (Jul. 2014)
New optical microscopies for biomedical applications (Sep. 2013)
Physical approches to bacterial communities (Mar. 2013)

Seminar series

Physics-Biology Interface seminar series